Canoeing Snowdonia


Canoeing in Snowdonia

Do you want an unbeatable way to explore the spectacular scenery of Snowdonia and North wales? Or an activity that the whole family can get involved in. Canoeing in Snowdonia provides all this and more.

Snowdonia is a real paradise for canoeing. Within a relatively compact area it has an amazing range of waterways to suit every taste. From tranquil lakes to raging white water, there is something for everyone.

  • Spectacular lakes
  • Gentle river journeys
  • Challenging white water
  • Idyllic coastal canoeing

Canoeing allows great versatility. A canoe can be paddled solo or in pairs and can be rafted together for a stable and sociable family experience allowing up to 6 people to paddle together. This stability even allows a sail to be safely rigged if paddling becomes too tiring! They can also carry loads of kit allowing overnight adventures and plenty of food!

Highlights of your Snowdonia Canoeing adventure are:-

  • Sensational Snowdonia scenery
  • Amazing wet weather activity
  • Tranquil lake journeys
  • Challenging white water
  • Coastal exploration
  • Top quality equipment
  • Possible overnight camp
  • Qualified and experienced coaches
  • Optional bolt on Canyoning or Coasteering session.

What will your Canoeing in Snowdonia adventure be like?

After our initial meet you will get kitted out and you will then be given a full safety brief. We then hit the water to practice some basic movement strokes

  • Forwards paddling
  • Reverse paddling
  • Turning

Once these have been mastered we usually play a few games to further perfect those skills. It is then time to take in some of the magnificent Snowdonia scenery while you head off on a journey around the lake. We will try to take in as much as possible on your mini adventure.

A canoe is also an ideal load carrier easily carrying a packed lunch and more. We could stop at a secluded spot to enjoy a quick bite to eat.

If you want to make a day of it, it would also be very easy to combine a rock climbing session. We would load the canoes with climbing kit paddle to a crag at the end of the lake, have a quick climb and then paddle back. A real micro adventure.

There may even be the chance to set up a canoeing sail rig and enjoy a relaxing sail back to our start point. This makes it even easier to admire the sensational views of Snowdonia.

Kayaking or canoeing?

The usual way to differentiate kayaking and canoeing is to consider how you are seated and the type of paddle used. While kayaking you are generally sat down legs stretched out in front. In a canoe you are usually kneeling with feet tucked behind you. A kayaker would also use a double bladed paddle and canoeist a single bladed paddle.

Both activities are great fun. On your Snowdonia Canoeing adventure we can offer both forms, Canoeing or Kayaking.

Who is Canoeing suitable for?

Canoeing in Snowdonia is a great sport and accessible by all. With a few hours of tuition you will be paddling along happily. There is something for everyone – from blissful flatwater canoeing to the challenge of whitewater canoeing and even a canoe camping expedition.

For the less mobile and young children we can simply lash 2 canoes together to make a very stable canoe raft. This also makes for a great lesson in teamwork, trying to get 6 people to make a canoe go where they want it to go!!

Where will we meet in Snowdonia for your canoeing session?

Learning to canoe is a lot easier in sheltered conditions.To give you the best experience we will choose a location depending on the prevailing weather. Generally these will be within a 30 minute drive from Betws y Coed.

What to wear while Canoeing?

We will provide:-

  • Warm winter wetsuit (if canoeing on white water)
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Helmet
  • Neoprene socks
  • Neoprene gloves(if especially cold)

What you need to provide:-

  • Swimwear (to go under wetsuit if used)
  • Thin thermal vest (to go under wetsuit)
  • Warm outdoor clothes (if lake canoeing)
  • Full set off waterproofs(if lake canoeing)
  • Wellies for feet
  • Spare clothes
  • Towel


Snowdonia, North Wales.




£50.00 per person half day 3-4hrs

£60.00 per person full day

Child and group discounts

Experience Required:

None required.

Age Limit:

From  5years old

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Canoeing  Snowdonia
Canoeing  Snowdonia
Canoeing  Snowdonia

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