Whitewater Kayaking Snowdonia


White water kayaking Snowdonia

Have you always wanted to try the spectacular thrills of white water kayaking in Snowdonia but didn't think you were good enough?

Done a bit of kayaking but want more of a challenge?

We have the answer!.....Inflatable whitewater kayaks. We are one of the few outfits in Northern Snowdonia using these fantastic kayaks.

We also have hard plastic boats if you are an experienced flat water kayaker wanting to learn how to use these boats on white water.

Highlights of your white water kayaking in Snowdonia are:-

  • Challenging Snowdonia grade 2-3 white water
  • Complete a river journey
  • Rollercoaster waves
  • Learn a new skill
  • Make lasting memories
  • Top quality white water equipment
  • Qualified and experienced coaches

How are our inflatable NRS kayaks different to hard plastic kayaks?

We use specialist NRS white water kayaks. These inflatable boats are perfect for complete beginners to experience the awesome fun of Snowdonia’s white water rivers. They are also great for experienced kayakers to learn the new skillset of white water kayaking. Why is this?

  • They are wider than a standard kayak = more stable
  • They have large air-filled ribs on each side = more stable
  • If you do capsize you simply climb back on
  • Self bailing, so no need for a spraydeck
  • No enclosed trapped feeling

In a hard plastic boat, if you capsize you would have to drag your kayak to the bank, empty half a ton of water out and then climb back into the kayak again. This is potentially hazardous if you capsize a lot. In the event of a capsize your head is also less likely to go under water as in would in an enclosed cockpit kayak.

In our kayaks you are back up and smashing through waves before you know it. They are the perfect choice for white water kayaking in Snowdonia.

What is a typical day like while white water kayaking in Snowdonia?

We would normally meet at a pre-arranged spot to make best use of the weather.

This could either be:-

  • A fantastic white water river in Snowdonia eg Afon Llugwy
  • The classic River Dee near Llangollen
  • The phenomenal Menai Straits
  • Four Mile Bridge, Anglesey

If there has been sufficient rain the first choice would be a classic white water kayaking river in Snowdonia. If rainfall has been insufficient then another option would be the stunning River Dee near Llangollen. This outstanding grade 2-3 white water run and tends to stay higher for longer after rainfall.

Another good option is a section of the Menai Straits called the Swellies. In sailing circles this has a fearsome reputation. It is more manageable by kayak and at the optimum state of tide provides some great white water features. It is the sea but behaves like a high volume river. Being tidal, it provides guaranteed moving water.

A further good option in the search for white water is a venue called Four Mile Bridge on Anglesey. This is also a tidal venue and consists of a very powerful jet of water. It is created as the ebbing and rising tide forces its way through a tunnel under a road bridge. At optimum levels an awesome 1 metre high wave can form with incredible whirlpools downstream. A wonderful venue and very safe with the correct equipment and training.


Using our specialist NRS inflatable kayaks white water kayaking is possible even by beginners. After 30 minutes learning the basics you will be ready to tackle an amazing section of Snowdonia white water.

An unforgettable family adventure, in our kayaks most 10 year olds are able to kayak easy white water. If confidence is a problem they can even pair up with an instructor or a parent in one our tandems, double the fun!!

An ideal fun packed adventure and popular with stag and hen parties.

Because we have a wide range of kayaking venues we can tailor your white water kayaking session accordingly. This could be an easy grade 1 or an awesome rollercoaster ride of a grade 3.


We are located in one of the most beautiful parts of Wales on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. Our location gives us lots of options in Snowdonia and North Wales to give you the best possible experience. Our team of professionals will be on hand to make your white water kayaking day in Snowdonia the most exciting it can be.

All our staff are dedicated, fully qualified outdoor professionals, live locally and have years of experienceof white water kayaking in Snowdonia’s rivers, lakes and coast. This proficiency and knowledge will help to keep you as safe as possible and makes for an enjoyable day.

We use the best gear possible kit including NRS inflatable kayaks and warm winter wetsuits.


We will provide:-

  • Warm winter wetsuit (unless hot weather)
  • Buoyancy aid
  • White water helmet
  • Neoprene socks
  • Neoprene gloves (if especially cold)

What you need to provide:-

  • Swim costume etc (goes under wetsuit)
  • Thin thermal top (goes under wetsuit)
  • Wind/waterproof jacket (goes over wetsuit)
  • Trainers
  • Towel


Snowdonia, North Wales.


Half  and full days.

3-4hrs  and 6-7hrs


£50.00 per  half day.

£65.00  full day

Discounts for families and large groups.

Experience Required:


Age Limit:

18+ (unless parent/guardian present then min. approx 8 yrs).

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