Snowdon Winter Ascent


A Guided Winter Ascent of Snowdon – the Highest Mountain in Wales

Looking for a truly enthralling winter adventure? Join us as we embark on a guided ascent up Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales. Our experienced guides ensure that all levels of hikers are able to complete this breathtaking challenge!

Although impressive in summer winter brings with it a new beauty and grandeur with Snowdon resembling more of an alpine mountain.

Any time between November and April Snowdon can be in winter conditions, even the easy summer routes can be impassable due to snow and ice with the risk of avalanches.

Checking Weather & Safety

Before setting out on our winter ascent of Snowdon, it's important to check weather forecasts and avalanche warnings. We'll also provide comprehensive safety guidance throughout the climb, from rugge terrain negotiation tips to covering the correct gear for a successful journey. This can help make sure your hike up Snowdon is as safe and enjoyable as possible!

Group Ascent and Navigation

During winter, it's always best to travel in groups for safety and navigation. When climbing with a guide, they will share tips on navigating tricky terrain and help keep the group together. We'll also equip you with the necessary gear such as walking poles, compass and GPS devices, to ensure that you're truly prepared for whatever Snowdon may bring!

Prepare for Your Winter Ascent

Before you venture up Snowdon, it's important to make sure you've packed the right gear and equipment. It's crucial that you dress appropriately with layers of warm clothing in case the weather changes quickly. Make sure you also have a reliable waterproof jacket, gloves and hat to stay comfortable in wind and rain. Don't forget your walking boots or hiking shoes as well – they should be particularly sturdy for this kind of terrain!

Choose the Right Gear for Snowdon

Before your guided winter ascent of Snowdon, it is important to prepare with the right gear. Make sure you pack items like waterproof layers, gloves, and hats to keep warm in case of rain or wind. Additionally, make sure that you have durable walking boots or hiking shoes to provide traction on the tricky terrain of Snowdon. With the proper gear and clothing, you will be well equipped to take on this challenging winter adventure!

How is our guided winter ascent of Snowdon organised?

Winter brings its own challenges making an ascent even more special. A winter ascent is quite often only safely possible using crampons and ice axe. We have crampons, axes and mountain boots available for hire. On a typical winter ascent we usually walk to the snowline where we can practice winter movement skills.

A typical progression would be:

  1. Step kicking.
  2. Using an ice axe.
  3. Using crampons.

Once practiced we then carry on to the summit putting our new found skills to the test.

We usually meet at 9am in Llanberis. Here we have a kit check and safety brief before getting on the Snowdon Sherpa bus to Pen y Pass.


Snowdonia, North Wales.


1 day.

  • £60 per person.
  • Group discounts available.

Experience Required:

Summer hill walking experience.

Age Limit:

16+ years.

Online Booking Form:

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