Extreme Canyoning Snowdonia North Wales


Extreme Canyoning Snowdonia North Wales

Do you want Maximum Adrenaline and Epic Adventure? That’s our Extreme canyoning Snowdonia North Wales adventure. Probably the most sensational canyoning trip Snowdonia and North Wales has to offer.

We offer 2 outstanding trips.

1 . Extreme canyoning North Wales

2. Extreme+ canyoning North Wales

Extreme Canyoning North Wales

The Extreme canyoning adventure has all the best bits of the standard Snowdonia canyoning trip but with added gnarliness. It combines the standard canyoning trip with an Extreme finish! After your amazing zipwire climax of the standard canyoning adventure you will push deeper into the incredible lower canyon. Highlights include:-

  • Amazing 50m waterslide
  • Zipwire or abseil off a stunning 10m waterfall
  • Breathtaking slide and 5m drop
  • Exciting 40ft cliff jumps
  • Refreshing plunge pools
  • Wild swimming
  • Top quality equipment
  • Qualified and experienced guides

What is the day like on your Exteme canyoning North Wales adventure?

For our Extreme canyoning adventure we usually meet near Ffestiniog, North Wales. After a further 10min drive we arrive at the extreme canyoning venue. Following a quick change into our plush warm canyoning wetsuits you receive a thorough safety brief. The adrenalin then starts flowing.

The first stunning feature is a nerve racking 5m water slide which fires you off a 20ft drop into a bottomless pool. The canyoning isn’t over yet. The extreme canyoning north wales adventure tests your bravery to the max. Can you leap off a 10m cliff? Some can and some can’t! A deep crystal clear pool awaits beneath you. Heights vary from 2 to 10m, take your pick and take a leap! Don’t worry though these jumps are optional.

Two remaining challenges await. A fun 10m slide into a refreshing pool. The extreme canyoning trip ends with scenic climb out along a beautiful cascading waterfall. Refreshing on a hot summers day. This brings us to the end of the best extreme canyoning days in Snowdonia and Wales!

Who is the Extreme canyoning North Wales adventure suitable for?

Suitable for most. You do not need to be especially fit but you do need to be up willing to stretch your comfort zone. Good for families with adventurous children. Very popular with stag and hen parties.

Where do we meet for your Extreme canyoning North Wales adventure?

For our Extreme canyoning adventures we usually meet near Ffestiniog in Snowdonia. North Wales. After meeting we then drive on a further 10mins to the canyoning venue.

Extreme+ canyoning Snowdonia North Wales

The extreme+ canyoning trip ramps things up a notch. Only suitable for those with a head for heights and not for the feint hearted. More technical than the extreme canyoning trip. The Extreme+ canyoning adventure includes.

  • Amazing cliff jumps
  • Breathtaking 150ft waterfall abseil
  • Two 40ft waterfall abseils
  • Refreshing wild swimming
  • Top quality equipment
  • Qualified and experienced instructors
  • 100% Adrenalin 100% Adventure.

All set in Snowdonia’s and North Wale’s most awe inspiring and spectacular canyon.

What is your Extreme+ canyoning adventure like?

Our unbeatable Extreme canyoning adventure starts with an easy roped traverse over a deep pool. This leads to the first stunning waterfall and great a 15ft warm up jump. A short scramble and swim leads to the second amazing waterfall. Bigger than the last one and another jaw dropping jump.

The next challenge is the awe-inspiring 150ft + waterfall. This is why it is an extreme canyoning trip. Not many people dare come this far into this canyon. The breathtaking drop is tackled in 2 parts. First a roped via ferrata style traverse leads down and along small ledges. Next a massive abseil and drop into the waiting pure mountain water. Do you have the nerve to tackle it?

Following this comes a narrow shoot of water and the next fun 10ft jump and swim. More scrambling and cascading drops follow leading to the last exciting abseil. This is tackled with what is known as a guided abseil, half abseil half zipwire. This avoids landing in the powerful jet of water that shoots out from the base of the waterfall.

A short scramble and swim and its all over. Time to let the adrenalin levels drop and the relax. Extreme canyoning in Snowdonia ticked.

Who is the Extreme + canyoning trip suitable for?

This is our most committing and challenging adventure. A good head for heights is essential and also a willingness to push your comfort zone. There is a steep 20 minute walk out at the end of the canyon so reasonable fitness is required. It is usually completed by adults but adventurous teenagers should be capable

What to wear on your Extreme+ canyoning adventure?

We know that being cold isn’t much fun. To keep people warm and safe we provide you with the best gear possible. Kit includes Seland canyoning wetsuits , Petzl hardware and canyoning boots. We will provide:-

  • Warm winter wetsuit for canyoning.
  • Seland canyoning jackets with hoods
  • Wetsuit socks
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Trainers for feet
  • Canyoning harness
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Helmet

Using this kit means canyoning is a year around activity.

What do you need to bring for your Extreme+ canyoning adventure?

  • Towel
  • Swimwear
  • Dry clothes for afterwards
  • Spare trainers you dont mind getting wet


Snowdonia, North Wales.




£55 per person. Extreme canyoning

£60 per person.  Extreme+ canyoning

Group and child discounts apply. Please contact Gradient Adventure.

Experience Required:

Previous abseiling experience is preferable for the Extreme+ canyoning North Wales adventure although not absolutely necessary.

Age Limit:


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Customer Feedback:
Absolute amazing time yesterday with Glyn and Nicola Jackson doing stage 3 canyoning. One hell of a view from the top and when you hanging over the edge on a little rope. - Liam Jackson-Murphy


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