Kayaking Snowdonia


Kayaking in Snowdonia.

Do you want to experience Snowdonia national park and North Wales at its most spectacular? Kayaking in Snowdonia allows a great alternative view of Snowdonia’s awe inspiring scenery. Don’t let rain spoil your holiday, kayaking is the perfect wet weather option. It is also a great workout.

Highlights of your adventure will be:-

  • Sensational scenery
  • Amazing wet weather activity
  • Relaxing lake journeys
  • Challenging white water
  • Coastal exploration
  • Top quality equipment
  • Qualified and experienced coaches
  • Optional bolt on Canyoning or Coasteering session

Kayaking or canoeing?

The usual way to differentiate kayaking and canoeing is to consider how you are seated and the type of paddle used. While kayaking you are generally sat down legs stretched out in front. In a canoe you are usually kneeling with feet tucked behind you. A kayaker would also use a double bladed paddle and canoeist a single bladed paddle.

Both activities are great fun. On your Snowdonia kayaking adventure we can offer both forms, kayaking or Canoeing.

What will your kayaking day be like?

Your Kayaking adventure will usually start at a pre arrange venue. This will normally be Llyn Padarn in Llanberis on the northern edge of Snowdonia national park. The choice of venues is weather dependent. We can always find somewhere sheltered to give you an amazing experience. Other possible kayaking venues include:

  • Llyn Gwynant Snowdonia
  • Llyn Geirionydd Snowdonia
  • Llyn Dinas Snowdonia
  • Menai straits
  • Afon Llugwy (white water) Snowdonia
  • River Dee (white water)
  • Afon Glaslyn(white water) Snowdonia
  • Four mile bridge. Anglesey. (flat water and white water)

After our initial meeting you will receive a full safety briefing and you will then change into equipment provided. In a sheltered location you will be shown all of the basic kayaking strokes. This will enable you to:

  • Kayak forwards and backwards
  • Turn the kayak left and right
  • Move the kayak sideways

Once the basics have been mastered its then time to explore and take in more of the phenomenal Snowdonia scenery. Depending on location you may even have a go at kayaking a section of classic Snowdonia white water.

If we are on or near the coast there may even be chance to try kayaking in small surf. This is tremendous fun and not to be missed if conditions allow. Once again this is made a lot easier and safer in our specialist inflatable kayaks.

Another coastal option is at Four mile bridge on Anglesey. Here there is great flat water to learn the basics and then an awesome tidal jet. This tidal phenomenon creates waves , whirlpools and lots of white water. It causes lots of capsizes but is very safe with the correct precautions.

Flat water kayaking sessions will typically last 2-3hrs. If you have opted for more of a challenge and would like an added white water or surf experience the session will typically last 3-5hrs.

Who is kayaking suitable for?

Kayaking in Snowdonia is a great sport for any beginner to learn. Just like cycling it’s relatively simple to pick up. Within a few hours you’ll be paddling along happily. There are so many different types of kayak and kayaking. There is something for everyone – from flatwater kayaking to sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking.

We use standard hard plastic kayaks but recently we have been using specialist inflatable kayaks. These are very stable and easy to control on flat and white water. They are unlikely to capsize on flat water and even if they do you can simply climb back on top.

Our fleet also contains inflatable double kayaks which are perfect for an adult and a nervous child, amazing fun on white water.

Why choose Gradient Adventure for kayaking in Snowdonia?

We would love to spend the day with you and your family and friends. We are located in one of the most beautiful parts of Wales and have so many outdoor activities to offer! Our team of experts will be on hand to make your day the most exciting it can be.

All our staff are dedicated, fully qualified outdoor professionals, live locally and have years of experience kayaking in snowdonias rivers, lakes and coast. This proficiency and knowledge will help to keep you as safe as possible and makes for an enjoyable day.

We use the best gear possible kit including NRS inflatable kayaks and warm winter wetsuits.

Why choose Snowdonia and North Wales for your kayaking adventure?

Snowdonia national park and North Wales is the perfect destination for your Kayaking adventure. Snowdonia contains numerous fresh water lakes. Most of these have been created by ancient glaciers carving deep valleys which have slowly filled with pure mountain water. These valleys have been further carved and extended by plentiful rainfall falling on Snowdonias majestic mountain peaks. This rainfall has created some of the British isles finest white water rivers.

.A combination of ice and water has given us the awe inspiring scenery we now have. It has also given us an utterly breathtaking natural kayaking playground. After fresh rainfall Snowdonias white water rivers give an exciting challenge. In drier periods the more mature River Dee holds water longer and gives a tremendous day out.

About 50% of North wales is also made up of coastline all of which is a relatively short drive away where ever you base yourself. This opens options up even further. All within an hours drive you can enjoy sheltered bays, playful surf, the charging currents of the Menai Straits and tidal white water at 4mile bridge.

What to wear, kayaking?

We will provide:-

  • Warm winter wetsuit ( unless hot weather)
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Helmet
  • Neoprene socks
  • Neoprene gloves(if especially cold)
  • Spraydeck (if required)

What you need to provide:-

  • Swimwear (to go under wetsuit)
  • Thin thermal vest (to go under wetsuit)
  • Trainers for feet
  • Towel


Snowdonia.North Wales.


2-3hrs  Lake session

3-5hrs  Lake + white water/ surf experience


£40.00pp lake session

£50.00pp lake + white water/ surf experience

Child and group discounts. 

Experience Required:

None required.

Age Limit:

Participants have to be 18+ (unless parent/guardian present then minimum age is approx 5 yrs old).

Equipment Provided:



Buoyancy aid and helmet


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Kayaking Snowdonia
Kayaking Snowdonia
Kayaking Snowdonia

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