Crib Goch guided ascent


For experienced climbers, taking on the challenge of Crib Goch can be an exhilarating experience. Featuring soaring spires and breathtaking views, the ascent requires skill, planning, and a bit of patience. Here’s an expert guide to help you prepare for a successful climb of Crib Goch.
For the less experienced Crib Goch can be a daunting experience. Take the stress away by using one of our qualified Mountaineering Instructors. Why use a guide or instructor?

  • They know if the conditions are unsuitable for an ascent. There are many rescues due to people attempting Crib Goch in poor conditions.
  • They know the best route along the ridge.
  • They carry a rope and know how to use it.
  • They know the escape routes if the conditions change while on the ridge to keep you safe.
  • Whether you are guided or not the following tips will help your ascent.

Train and Prepare Yourself Physically

In order to scale any mountain, you’ll need to do some preparation work. Good physical fitness is essential for anyone looking to tackle Crib Goch, so prioritize a regular training schedule that includes running, strength training and aerobic exercise. Additionally, acclimatization is key; try taking shorter hikes and other grade 1 scrambles in order to get used to the exposure and the terrain of Crib Goch before attempting the full ascent.

Learn the Route to Crib Goch

Having a clear understanding of the route you plan to take is crucial for success. Take time to research the mountain and assess your goals, including any loops or summits you want to climb. Make sure you know different routes off the mountain in case of sudden bad weather or fatigue. Before setting out on your climb, create an itinerary that outlines when you’re starting, how long it will take, and what times you plan to rest. This way, whatever curveballs may come your way on the trail, you’ll be prepared and have a plan for success.

Check Weather Conditions and Gear Up Appropriately

Always check the weather forecast before setting out and make sure you have the right gear to keep you safe. Even if it’s a warm, sunny day when you leave, conditions may change rapidly as you ascend!. Pack a windproof jacket, warm hat, gloves, waterproof jacket and trousers, hiking boots or approach shoes with non-slip soles for traction. Depending on when and where you climb Crib Goch, crampons and an ice axe may also be essential in ensuring your safety.

Be Mindful of Mountain Safety Precautions

It goes without saying that climbing Crib Goch requires the utmost attention to safety. Always make sure to look out for signs of avalanche, rockfall and other potential hazards, especially if it’s snowing or if side winds are present. Before climbing, assess your fitness level and decide whether you require additional tools (such as a helmet and an ice axe). Whenever possible, bring a partner with you so that you can support each other on the climb.

Why choose Gradient Adventure for your guided ascent of Crib Goch?

We live locally and have done Crib Goch numerous times in all weathers. We only use qualified guides that also know the ridge very well. We aim to make all ascents relaxed and as stress free as possible.


Snowdonia, North Wales.


1 day.

  • £55pp.(open events)
  • £165.00 (private booking)
  • Discounts are available between October - March.

Experience Required:

Ideally, experience of other grade 1 Scrambles or a good head for heights!

Age Limit:

14 years.

Online Booking Form:

Booking Form (size: 186 kB)

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Crib Goch guided ascent
Crib Goch guided ascent
Crib Goch guided ascent
Crib Goch guided ascent

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