Canyoning & Gorge Walking

Do you love adventure and the rush of adrenaline? Canyoning in Snowdonia and North Wales has it all and more.

Slide down a crystal clear mountain stream, zipwire off a roaring waterfall , leap into crystal clear pools, abseil over cascading drops and immerse yourself in nature. You will love what canyoning in Snowdonia has to offer. Canyoning is truly an awe inspiring mix of

  • Wild swimming.
  • Awesome water slides.
  • Breathtaking waterfall abseils.
  • Exciting cliff jumps. Small and BIG!
  • Sensational zip wires.
  • Refreshing plunge pools

Whether you want to test your bravery to the max on our extreme canyoning trip or enjoy a less challenging Gorge Walk we have an adventure waiting for you. Snowdonia is a relatively compact area and we have a wide range of canyoning venues. This means we can tailor the experience to cater for everyone from the real adrenaline junkie to the less gung ho.

All this action and pure mountain air is also a sure fire way to burn the calories, build a healthy appetite and is a great way to de-stress and forget the troubles of daily life.

What will your canyoning day be like?

We usually meet at a prearranged spot near the Canyoning venue. This could be either near Betws y Coed or Blanau Ffestiniog. Before getting started, our guides will kit everyone out in a wetsuit and helmet, making sure you are comfortable during the canyoning or gorge walking experience. We will then give you and your group a full briefing before hitting the water. You will spend the day climbing, leaping, sliding & splashing your way through fresh Snowdonia water in an exciting mountain environment. Sessions typically last up to about 4 hours. When it’s all over we return to our vehicles, get changed, and relax in the knowledge you have completed one of Snowdonia’s epic challenges. It’s then maybe time for a well deserved beer and a hearty meal.

Who is canyoning suitable for?

Canyoning is a great choice for all. Individuals and families. Ideal for Stag and Hen parties providing a fantastic memorable experience. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned outdoor type there is a trip for you!! If, after reading all the information below you’re still not sure which canyoning trip is for you, please give us a call. We would be happy to hear from you.

Why choose Gradient Adventure for your canyoning in Snowdonia?

We would love to spend the day with you and your family and friends. We are located in one of the most beautiful parts of Wales and have so many outdoor activities to offer! Our team of experts will be on hand to make your day the most exciting it can be.

All our staff are dedicated, fully qualified outdoor professionals, live locally and have years of experience in Snowdonia’s canyons and gorges. This proficiency and knowledge will help to keep you as safe as possible and makes for an enjoyable day.

We use the best gear possible kit including Seland canyoning wetsuits and Petzl hardware.

Why choose Snowdonia and North Wales for your canyoning adventure?

The westerly location of Wales ensures plentiful rainfall. This rain has carved out some of the most amazing canyons and gorges the UK has to offer. The mountains of Snowdonia are the perfect place to try this new breath taking adrenalin sport and experience a real canyoning adventure. The Canyons and gorges of Snowdonia are truly make the original and best natural waterparks. A real adrenalin rush.

Your canyoning trip will take place in some of the most dramatic canyons and gorges that Wales has to offer. Canyoning is a great way to see these otherwise hidden gems of Snowdonia. Many of the canyons and gorges are even set in lush green temperate rainforests.

Gorge walking or canyoning?

Gorge Walking is usually a walk up or down an equally spectacular river. It usually incorporates smaller jumps and slides and not as much use of a rope as the canyoning trip. A firm favourite with the younger ones and less gung ho adults. Canyoning is gorge walking on steroids – only a descent is possible and involves more ropework including jumps, slides, zip wires and harnessed abseils. It isn’t usually possible to ascend a canyon. Here in Snowdonia, we are proud to offer both activities.

Do I need to need to be fit to go canyoning?

Not really. You may find it a little more challenging if you aren’t used to physical activity but it is all perfectly achievable. You may also be a little achy the next day but happy in the knowledge you have pushed yourself both physically and mentally.

Is canyoning ok for non swimmers?

The ability to swim is desirable but not absolutely necessary. You are wearing a neoprene wetsuit that floats in itself and also a good quality buoyancy aid. You will bob like a cork. You are also able to touch the bottom on most sections of the canyon. Where you can’t do this you will only have to swim a maximum of 5 metres to reach the side.

I am scared of heights, is canyoning for me?

On all but our extreme trips there are ways to detour all the challenges that involve height. Canyoning and gorge walking is amazing fun even if you don’t have a head for heights.

What to wear while canyoning?

We know that being cold isn’t much fun. To keep people warm and safe we provide you with the best gear possible. Kit includes Seland canyoning wetsuits , Petzl hardware and canyoning boots. We will provide:-

  • Warm winter wetsuit for canyoning.
  • Seland Canyoning jackets with hoods
  • Wetsuit socks
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Trainers for feet
  • Canyoning harness
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Helmet

This kit means canyoning is a year round activity.

What do you need to bring for your canyoning adventure?

  • Towel
  • Swimwear
  • Dry clothes for afterwards
  • Trainers you dont mind getting wet
  • Medication eg Inhaler

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