Improvised Rescue Snowdonia


Improvised Rescue Snowdonia courses are often attended by climbers after having an "epic" on a route. Its better is to have practiced your rescue skills before, or better still, to know how to avoid minor problems becoming epic.

Climbing rescues can be technical affairs. We try to simplify as much as possible and provide you with a "toolbox" of rescue skills that will enable you to cope with most difficult situations, whether it be in single or multi pitch environment.

The Improvised Rescue Course will be geared to the individual needs and experience of the participants and can include:

  • Avoiding common problems.
  • Prussik knots.
  • Escaping the system.
  • Stuck second.
  • Injured second.
  • Retreating from multi pitch climbs.
  • Traverse rescues.
  • Rescuing a leader.
  • Hoisting.


Snowdonia, North Wales.


1 or 2 days.


£60 per person for 1 day.

£110 per person (based on 2) for 2 days.

Experience Required:

Competent leading difficult grade climbs or be able to safely rig single pitch climbs (for single pitch rescue scenarios).

Age Limit:


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Improvised Rescue Snowdonia

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