Scottish Winter Skills Course


Learn Essential Winter Skills With a Course in Scotland

Get ready to embrace outdoor adventures with a Scottish winter skills course in the beautiful Highlands. Learn how to plan winter trips, assess weather and avalanche risks, and stay warm and safe in extreme conditions. With our experienced instructors, you'll gain essential skills for navigating the wilderness. Join us for this unforgettable journey!

The Scottish Winter skills courses run over 2 days. The aim is to give you the skills and confidence you will need to tackle winter walking days.

During the course we will cover:

  • How and when to use crampons
  • Techniques for walking on steeper slopes.
  • Ice axe arrest.
  • Step cutting.
  • Avalanche awareness & route choice.
  • Navigation in poor weather.
  • Emergency shelter building.

Learn About Layer Clothing Strategies and Dressing for the Cold

Dressing appropriately for cold weather is essential to staying safe in the outdoors during winter months. Our course will teach you layer clothing strategies, and how to choose the right fabrics, insulation and accessories. We'll demonstrate how to dress properly when moving in the outdoors, as well as dressing while stationary overnight. With your newfound knowledge, you'll be better equipped to handle any kind of snow-filled adventure!

Understand Weather Conditions in Scotland and How to Read Mountain Reports

Weather conditions in Scotland change quickly and can be difficult to interpret. Learn how to read weather reports, including those concerning the mountains, so you know what dangers to look out for and how best to plan your routes. We'll teach how to forecast weather using the basics of meteorology, as well as make sure you understand the different symbols used on mountain forecasts. With this knowledge, you'll feel more confident taking on any winter challenge during your time in Scotland.

Develop Practical Winter Survival Skills During Interactive Sessions

During our winter skills course, we'll help you develop practical winter survival skills while providing opportunities to practice and experiment with new techniques. You'll have the opportunity to create a shelter due to treacherous conditions, learn how snow drifts can become an advantage, find out what it takes to stay warm and alive in extremely cold temperatures, and rehearse essential avalanche protocols.

Practice Ropework Techniques to Ensure Safety on Difficult Terrain or Slopes

On the winter skills course, you'll learn and practice essential ropework techniques to ensure your safety on difficult terrain in ascent and descent. We aim to keep this as simple as possible meaning no prior ropework experience is necessary.

Learn about avalanche awareness and hazards

Understanding avalanches and other hazards you may encounter during winter excursions is essential for your safety. During the winter skills course, you'll find out about the different types of avalanches and how to recognize avalanche danger signs, as well as learn how to avoid triggering an avalanche. You'll also be educated in identifying terrain traps, crevices and cornices, rock fall hazard avoidance, and other alpine hazards so that you can make informed decisions in difficult terrain. We will learn how to interpret SAIS (Scottish avalanche information service) reports


Scottish Highlands.


2 days.

  • £180 per person.
  • We will provide ice axe and crampons.

Experience Required:

Summer hill walking experience desirable.

Age Limit:


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