Lead Climbing Course in Snowdonia


Lead Climbing Course in Snowdonia: Step Up Your Skills!

Are you looking to take your outdoor climbing skills to the next level? If so, then an intensive lead climbing course in the epic Snowdonia region might be just the thing for you! With expert tuition and guidance, gain a greater depth of knowledge and hone your technique as you challenge yourself outdoors.

On this lead climbing course you will learn

  • How to use guidebooks
  • Improve movement skills
  • Lead belaying
  • Gear placement
  • Belay building

Learn lead climbing techniques and strategies

Lead climbing represents a much bigger challenge than other forms of climbing. Make sure you learn all the strategies and techniques so you can stay safe, secure and capable in the mountains. You'll learn all about rope management, belaying, rope drag, clipping and all aspects of becoming a confident and secure lead climber. Benefit from up-to-date knowledge as you enhance your skillset within an inspiring environment.

Understand the safety considerations of Lead climbing in different terrains

It's incredibly important to understand the safety considerations when climbing in different terrains and always check weather, terrain and rope route conditions. You'll need to know your knots, belay techniques, anchors, techniques for different types of rock, when to place gear and how to recognize what type of gear is best suited for various situations. With this course you'll leave with a thorough understanding of safe practices, giving you the confidence to lead climb anywhere!

Gain an understanding of best practice when dealing with difficult transitions

It can be tricky to move between different climbing styles or changing terrain. With experienced instruction, gain confidence when making this transition and learn the tools to use in order to make informed decisions. Learn how to read your environment and track subtle changes which can affect the safety of your route. Take home practice on best practices for transitioning from easy angled faces, to steep overhangs, ledges, slabs and more!

Train in proper rope use, gear placement, and belaying procedures

On this course, learn the ins and outs of lead climbing with Mountaineering and climbing instructors.. Take time to train in proper rope use, knot tying, and belaying procedures with the help of your experienced instructor. Learn techniques to stay safe while climbing, with a good anchor in place to keep you secure at all times. Become an informed and reliable climber so that you can take your outdoor adventures further!

Learn the basics of lead climbing

Lead climbing can be a rewarding challenge for experienced rock climbers who want to take their skills to new heights. On this course, you will receive guidance from our experts so that you can feel confident mastering the basics of this advanced technique. We will cover basic belaying techniques and how to safely place an anchor at the top of a ledge. You'll also gain experience in placing gear and learn the knots necessary for safe lead climbing.

How will your learn to lead course be organised?

We usually check the weather a few days before your adventure and then we will contact you and give a suitable meet point. The courses are usually 1 or 2 days in length. We will choose the best crag in terms of weather conditions. They will usually be single pitch venues. If the weather is not suitable for leading outdoors we usually head to the climbing wall.


Snowdonia, North Wales.


1 , 2 or 5 days.

  • £120 per person per day (2 days).
  • £300 per person (5 days).

Experience Required:

  • 2 day course: should be happy seconding severe grade climbs and have basic climbing skills.
  • 5 day course: no experience required just a head for heights.
Age Limit:

18+ (unless parent/guardian present then min approx 13 yrs).

Equipment Provided:

We will provide all technical climbing equipment.

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