Coasteering Anglesey Adventure


Coasteering on Anglesey and North Wales.

Do you love adventure and want to explore the stunning coastline of Anglesey and North Wales? Coasteering on Anglesey and North Wales is the perfect solution.

What is Coasteering?

Coasteering on Anglesey is a thrilling mix of wild swimming, rock climbing and cliff jumping. A truly adrenaline fuelled action packed coastal adventure. Guaranteed to make lasting memories and an unbeatable way to expend excess energy and keep fit. Amazing fun for both adults and children.

Highlights of the Coasteering on Anglesey adventures include:

  • Refreshing wild swims
  • Stupendous cliff jumps(small and BIG)
  • Challenging rock climbs
  • Awesome sea caves
  • Top quality equipment
  • Qualified and experienced instructors

What is your Coasteering session like?

Your Anglesey Coasteering adventure usually begins after our initial meet at the picturesque Trearddur bay. We then drive on to the most suitable coasteering venue that will provide the best conditions for the day. You will then kit up in warm winter wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets. A full safety briefing follows.

Your amazing Coasteering adventure then begins. You will be broken in gently with some easy scrambling over rocks and fun small jumps.

The coasteering fun and adrenaline then ramps up a notch. Bigger jumps and bigger swims. You will find yourself clinging to seemingly blank rock faces up to 20ft above the crystal clear Irish sea. One slip and you’re in the drink! If you don’t fancy being spiderman, don’t worry you can always swim around! That’s the beauty of Coasteering on Anglesey, the challenges are all optional.

Are you afraid of the dark? If the tide is ok you may find yourself in one of the marvelous Anglesey seacaves. Bright sunshine gives way to pitch black at the back of some of these awesome caves. Are you brave enough to go all the way in?

The cliffs of Anglesey are perfect for Coasteering. Never too high they will provide you with numerous jumps to conquer, some up to 10m+. The remarkably complex coastline provides a vast adventure playground. You may only travel 400m on your Coasteering adventure but the fun and excitement is packed in to this phenomenal stretch of Anglesey coastline.

If there is swell then the fun powers up a notch. Timing is crucial if you want to avoid a rinse cycle! In any swell the swims are better than any artificial wave pool.

For the finale of our Anglesey coasteering sessions we always aim to finish on a high. Literally, we save the best till last. Depending on tide height this could mean you have the option of a 10m+ leap of faith. Try to calm your nerves as you climb up to the small overhanging ledge 10m above the azur blue sea. Stand on the edge take a deep breath and take a single step. You have done it, freefall for a second and then land in the deep refreshing sea below. The sense of achievement and satisfaction will stay and the memories will last a lifetime.

Your Coasteering adventure is over, get changed, relax and look forward to a cool drink and a well earnt hearty meal. Coasteering on Anglesey ticked. What’s next?

Why go Coasteering on Anglesey and North Wales with Gradient Adventure?

We have 20yrs experience delivering Coasteering on Anglesey. We know the area extremely well and we are continually reviewing and developing our own unique Coasteering routes.At our venues you will enjoy the tranquillity, seclusion and awe inspiring nature of the Anglesey coast

A low client to instructor ratio,and a personal approach will also maximise your Coasteering experience

Our Coasteering instructors often carry waterproof cameras and will endeavour to record your Coasteering experience. You will then be sent a link to access the photos, following your experience.

Who is Coasteering on Anglesey suitable for?

Coasteering on Anglesey is suitable for most people. You do not have to especially fit. If you are finding the climbing too stressful you can simply drop into the sea and swim! Coasteering is ideal for adults and children absolutely love it. Your child just has to be able to cope walking over rough terrain. This usually means 8-9yrs +.

The beauty of coasteering is that we can tailor the venue or the session to suit you or your group and also “challenge by choice”.

Coasteering on Anglesey is a popular choice for Stag and Hen parties making great stories for the wedding day.

Also a great choice for military adventurous training groups involving lots of teamwork and stretching of comfort zones.


I am scared of heights, is Coasteering suitable for me?

Don’t worry if you don’t like the jumps you can simply swim around. You may also surprise yourself. With a bit of coaching, positive self-talk and progressive jumps you might be amazed at what you can achieve. If you don’t try you will never know!!

I am a non-swimmer can I go coasteering?

The ability to swim well isn’t an absolute necessity. You will be wearing a full winter wetsuit made of neoprene. Neoprene is extremely buoyant and this alone should make you float. We also always wear a well fitting buoyancy aid. This will ensure you do not sink.

All you have to do is kick your legs and doggy paddle. We can even use a rope to pull you across any longer swims.

Coasteering what to wear?

We will provide:-

  • Warm Winter wetsuit
  • Wetsuit socks
  • Wetsuit gloves
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Helmet

What do I need to bring for Coasteering?

  • Swimwear to go under wetsuit
  • T-shirt to go under wetsuit
  • Grippy trainers for feet
  • Suncream

Where do we meet for your Coasteering adventure?

We usually meet near Treaddur bay lifeboat station at 9.30 -10 am. There is some flexibility here though if you are a larger group.


Anglesey, Snowdonia, North Wales.




£40.00 per person.

Experience Required:

None required.

Age Limit:


Online Booking Form:

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Customer Feedback:
"I've been with Glyn on 2 occasions, Canyoning with mates and same plus Coasteering with my young lads - Glyn was very safety conscious, patient , knowledgeable and a nice guy - looking to hook up again this year too- great contact to have for adventure!" - John.K.
We really enjoyed our time coasteering at Anglesey. Glyn was helpful and professional, pointing out interesting things along the way. The kit was good and kept us nice and warm. Would definitely recommend! - Tim P. Bournemouth.
Thanks again for a great experience coasteering yesterday morning, all of us thoroughly enjoyed it. If you can send me the photos when you get chance it would be appreciated. - Ian L.
Thank you again for the amazing Coasteering experience on Monday! I didn't realise the time passed by so fast... I went up to the lighthouse and enjoyed the sunset shortly after our great adventure. It's a wonderful place you can call home! Cheers. - Gwen. Birmingham.


Coasteering Anglesey Adventure
Coasteering Anglesey Adventure
Coasteering Anglesey Adventure
Coasteering Anglesey Adventure
Coasteering Anglesey Adventure
Coasteering Anglesey Adventure
Coasteering Anglesey Adventure
Coasteering Anglesey Adventure

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