Coasteering Adventure

Coasteering is a very popular adventure activity and is a great way to explore the rugged coast of Anglesey. It involves scrambling around the base of sea cliffs, lots of jumping in swimming and even exploring caves and narrow inlets.

Coasteering Snowdonia


Our Snowdonia Coasteering trip is a great adventure! Once  we scramble to the base of  the cliffs the action starts. We coasteer along this amazing stretch of coastline using a variety of exciting techniques, including,  sea level traversing, adventure swimming  and jumping. All great fun and guaranteed to keep the adrenalin flowing.

First it’s the sea level traverse, how far can you go before your arms give in. With deep water beneath you, climb as high as you like. When your arms give in then its splashdown! You are in the water so why not swim. The water is crystal clear and at low tide  it’s a great way to explore the numerous sea caves. It's pitch black in there how far dare you go, don’t worry, for the feint hearted we carry waterproof dive torches to illuminate the way.

When the waves are pumping, the swims become even more exciting. It's now time to jump. Cliff jumps start low and the build up to 10m its your choice how high you go.


Anglesey, Snowdonia, North Wales.


1 day.


£45.00 per person.

Experience Required:

None required.

Age Limit:


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Customer Feedback:
"I've been with Glyn on 2 occasions, Canyoning with mates and same plus Coasteering with my young lads - Glyn was very safety conscious, patient , knowledgeable and a nice guy - looking to hook up again this year too- great contact to have for adventure!" - John.K.
We really enjoyed our time coasteering at Anglesey. Glyn was helpful and professional, pointing out interesting things along the way. The kit was good and kept us nice and warm. Would definitely recommend! - Tim P. Bournemouth.
Thanks again for a great experience coasteering yesterday morning, all of us thoroughly enjoyed it. If you can send me the photos when you get chance it would be appreciated. - Ian L.
Thank you again for the amazing Coasteering experience on Monday! I didn't realise the time passed by so fast... I went up to the lighthouse and enjoyed the sunset shortly after our great adventure. It's a wonderful place you can call home! Cheers. - Gwen. Birmingham.


Coasteering Adventure
Coasteering Adventure
Coasteering Adventure
Coasteering Adventure
Coasteering Adventure
Coasteering Adventure
Coasteering Adventure
Coasteering Adventure

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