Scottish Winter Mountaineering Course


Experience the Scottish Winter with an Expert Mountaineering Course

Learn the basics of mountaineering in a winter environment with an experienced guide at our Scottish winter mountaineering course! Through this course, you will be able to develop your skills in navigating and understanding the environment, as well as safety procedures that will help ensure you have a great time while on your adventure.

This is a more detailed 5 day course and includes the 2 day winter skills course. The course covers:

  • How and when to use crampons
  • Techniques for walking on steeper slopes.
  • Ice axe arrest.
  • Step cutting.
  • Avalanche awareness & route choice.
  • Navigation in poor weather.
  • Emergency shelter building.
  • Safe ascent and descent of steeper slopes.
  • Snow belay techniques.
  • Days 3, 4 and 5 should include the ascent of a munro.
  • Emergency use of a rope

What Are the Benefits of a Mountaineering Course?

Our mountaineering course offers numerous benefits to participants, including the ability to hone and develop your skills in a safe environment. You'll learn essential navigational techniques that will help you make your way through terrain, and our experienced guides will ensure that you stay safe at all times.

What gear do i need for scottish winter mountaineering?

It’s important that you bring the right gear with you when taking part in our mountaineering course. In order to keep warm and safe during your winter expedition, we recommend bringing a waterproof and windproof jacket, waterproof trousers,multiple layers of fleeces , a belay jacket,B2 walking boots, protective mittens or gloves, a hat, sunglasses (in case of bright sunshine) and trekking poles. Ski goggles. We have crampons and axes for hire but we recomend bringing your own.

Is Winter Mountaineering Safe?

Winter mountaineering carries some additional risks compared to traditional mountaineering trips; however, these can be minimised by following the instructions provided by our expert mountain guides. They have many years of experience in navigating the environment, providing advice and helping you make decisions that will ensure your safety during your winter expedition. With the right guidance and tactics, you’ll be able to traverse the Scottish terrain with ease!

Learn the Basics of Mountaineering.

You may be an experienced hiker, but mountaineering is quite a different activity. Our guides will help you learn the essential techniques of movement on snow and ice and traversing the mountains – from rock climbing to using ice axes and crampons. We’ll also cover safety topics such as self belaying, ice axe arresting and emergency use of ropes, along with tips for dealing with snow avalanches and adverse weather conditions.

Learn to Recognize the Different Types of Snow and Ice

Whether you’re trekking in the glens or scaling the mountain peaks, it’s important to know how to recognize the different types of snow and ice that you might encounter. Our guides will provide advice on evaluating snow conditions and preparing for potential hazards, as well as understanding the properties of different types of frozen ground, from wet snowy slopes to icy ridges. With our help, you'll be able to safely traverse any terrain.


Scottish Highlands.


5 days.

  • £360.00 per person.
  • We will provide ice axe and crampons.

Experience Required:

Summer hill walking experience desirable.

Age Limit:


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