Extreme Coasteering Anglesey


Extreme coasteering Anglesey.

Do you want the ultimate coastal adventure? Have you tried standard coasteering and want more challenge and more adrenaline? Our Extreme Coasteering Anglesey adventure ticks all the boxes and more!!

Highlights of the Extreme Coasteering Anglesey adventure are:

  • Sensational 150ft abseil
  • Spectacular 10m+ cliff jumps
  • Breath taking Zipwire
  • Top quality equipment
  • Qualified and experienced guides

What is Coasteering?

Coasteering on Anglesey is a thrilling mix of wild swimming, rock climbing and cliff jumping. A truly adrenaline fuelled action packed coastal adventure. Guaranteed to make lasting memories and an unbeatable way to expend excess energy and keep fit. Extreme coasteering is normal coasteering on steroids.

What is your Extreme Coasteering day like?

Your extreme coasteering day starts with a bang. Are you courageous enough to tackle the 150ft abseil? Stand on the edge and feel the rush of adrenaline. Muster up the courage and of you go. Before you know it you are at the bottom about to leap into the waiting azur blue ocean. The sense of achievement is immense.

You will then negotiate your way along the stunning Anglesey coastline.We seek out all the best jumps, some up to 10m. A further exhilarating combination of swimming, climbing and jumping brings us to the monster Tyrolean traverse. For the uninitiated this involves negotiating a yawning gap using ropes to pull yourself across while dangling 50ft above the sea. If there is any swell the waves will be nipping at your heels.

More spectacular Anglesey coastline follows until we reach the mind blowing aquatic zipline. Step of the 40ft Anglesey sea cliff and hurtle towards the sea at 30mph. Splashdown follows shortly after stepping off dry land. You have now completed one of Anglesey’s most phenomenal days of adventure.

It’s time to relax, get changed and head for a nice cool drink and well earned wholesome meal. The memories will last a lifetime and the boasting continue for weeks. Who jumped the highest? Who zipped the fastest? Who made the biggest splash!!

Why go Extreme Coasteering on Anglesey with Gradient Adventure?

We have 20yrs experience delivering coasteering on Anglesey. We know the area well and we are continually reviewing and developing our own unique Coasteering routes. Here you will enjoy the tranquillity, seclusion and awe inspiring nature of the Anglesey coast.

We also have the qualifications and experience to set up the potentially complicated rope systems required for the Zipwire and Tyrolean traverse.

A low client to instructor ratio,and a personal approach will also maximise your Coasteering experience.

Our Coasteering instructors often carry waterproof cameras and will endeavour to record your Coasteering experience. You will then be sent a link to access the photos, following your experience.

Who is Extreme Coasteering Anglesey suitable for?

Extreme coasteering is the perfect activity if you are looking for an unbeatable heart stopping adventure. A confident attitude will work wonders for your performance. A tremendous choice for Stag and Hen parties, great for military adventurous training. Its even been done by families. Only really suitable for 10yrs +.

It is possible to combine the standard coasteering session with the extreme version if you have a mixed ability group.

I am scared of heights, is Extreme Coasteering suitable for me?

This depends how much you want to stretch your limits and push your boundaries. The jumps are big and the abseil even bigger!!

I am a non-swimmer can I go extreme coasteering?

The ability to swim well isn’t an absolute necessity. You will be wearing a full winter wetsuit made of neoprene. Neoprene is extremely buoyant and this alone should make you float. We also always wear a well fitting buoyancy aid. This will ensure you do not sink.

All you have to do is kick your legs and doggy paddle. We can even use a rope to pull you across any longer swims.

Coasteering what to wear?

We will provide:-

  • Warm Winter wetsuit
  • Wetsuit socks
  • Wetsuit gloves
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Helmet
  • Climbing harness

What do I need to bring for Coasteering?

  • Swimwear to go under wetsuit
  • T-shirt to go under wetsuit
  • Grippy trainers for feet
  • Suncream

Where do we meet for your Coasteering adventure?

We usually meet near Trearddur Bay lifeboat station on Anglesey at 9.30 -10 am. There is some flexibility here though if you are a larger group.


Anglesey, Snowdonia, North Wales.




£55.00 per person. Discounts for large groups

Experience Required:

None required (though a head for heights will help!).

Age Limit:

18+ (unless parent/guardian present then min. approx 10 yrs).

Online Booking Form:

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Extreme Coasteering Anglesey
Extreme Coasteering Anglesey
Extreme Coasteering Anglesey
Extreme Coasteering Anglesey

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